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Coffee: the greatest love of Neapolitans

In the "smorfia napoletana"
42 means coffee
Five letters and one number that encompass the way of life of the Neapolitans. In Naples, in fact, everything is converted into numbers and everything is accompanied by good coffee.

In Naples coffee is art, is a moment of reflection, is a sign of kindness: each time you meet a Neapolitan he'll ask you: "Would you like a coffee?" and woe to reject it would be a great discourtesy!

Coffee has made its appearance in the city in mid-1700 due to the traveler and musicologist Retro Della Valle. Returning from one of his trips to Constantinople, he brought a bit of coffee with him. Convince a Neapolitan to drink black drink should not have been easy: the color black was synonymous with death so it was viewed with suspicion. Once they won the mistrust, began an eternal love between Naples and coffee.

Mocha percolator
  Today, coffee is prepared in a lot of ways: with foam, with milk, hazelnuts, ginseng .... but when in Naples you say coffee, you are talking about espresso. The only variations to classic espresso cups are the glass coffee (served in glass cups that allow the beverage to maintain the best flavor and temperature) and, for the traditionalists, with a little bit of anise.

At home we can do coffee with mocha percolator or with classic neapolitan coffeepot (called "cuccumella" in Neapolitan).

This particular coffee maker was born in Naples, but then spread throughout Italy, it gives the coffee a more rounded and complex taste than the mocha percolator. The only downside is that making coffee in the Neapolitan coffee pot requires care and attention. If you want to try to make your coffee with Neapolitan coffee maker, do not forget to use the "coppetiello" (a sheet of paper fold up as a cone) on the spout to not disperse the scent and flavor of the drink.
Neapolitan coffee pot

In Naples there are many roasting companies which are perhaps less well known nationally, but certainly they are the most used and appreciated by the Neapolitans. These are: Passalacqua, Caffè Borbone, Cafè El Brazil - Aloja, Caffè Quito, Caffè Tico, Caffè Moreno

Therefore, come to Naples to drink a great coffee and you will not regret.

And now, enjoy your coffee!

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