martedì 8 febbraio 2011

Public transport in Naples

If you choose an hotel in the city centre you won't need a car to visit Naples. Also if you want to do a trip to Pompei, Ercolano or Vesuvio, the best way to visit Naples is public transport.
What is important to know using public tranport:

- you have to buy tickets before getting buses

- you can buy tickets from tobaccos or newsvendors

- around in Naples you can choose between regular ticket (price euro 1.10 lenght 90 mins) or daily ticket (price 3.10 euro lenght all day long)

- if you want to reach other countries near by Naples (like Pozzuoli, Ercolano, Pompei, Sorrento) you have to say where you are going when you buy tickets. Ticket you buy is valid in Naples and to get the train/bus to the country. EX: if you are in the city centre and you want to go to Pompei, ask for a ticket to Pompei (remind: you can buy regular or daily ticket). With this ticket you can get a bus to go to the train station and then the circumvesuviana train to go to Pompei. If you buy a daily ticket, you can use it to come back and around the city until midnight. If you want to go, for ex, to Ercolano and Pompei on the same day, buy a daily ticket to Pompei (which is farther from Naples than Ercolano)

- Central and Montesanto funiculars join city centre with the hill of Vomero and are the fastest way to move

- Cumana and Circumflegrea trains are the best solutions to reach Pozzuoli (with Solfatara and Anfiteatro) and Campi Flegrei from Naples city centre

- Vesuviana train is the fastest solution to go to Ercolano, Versuvio, Pompei, Sorrento

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